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Design and implementation of the new website for the shopping centre in Warsaw

Łukasz Kowalski
Łukasz Kowalski
Jan 29, 2021
3 min read
Design and implementation of the new website for the shopping centre in Warsaw

Elektrownia Powiśle [The Powisle Power Plant] is a new, unique shopping and entertainment space on the map of Warsaw. The industrial interiors of the former power plant located just off the Vistula Boulevards were expanded and transformed into a modern shopping centre with a gallery of shops, restaurants and bars as well as beauty salons. Elektrownia was opened in April 2020. Two weeks before this date and the launch of the marketing campaign, we were asked to prepare a landing page and an EP image page. We had exactly 4 days for the landing page and 7 days for the whole page to be prepared from scratch.  Due to short deadlines, the project was a challenge for us, not only organizational but also design. We had 2-3 days to develop the entire visual style of Elektrownia and to add it to the level we present on other projects. The additional technological challenge in terms of timing was to encode and put the website on the client’s server.

Designing and encoding a website in less than 7 days


The marketing team of Elektrownia Powiśle asked us to help prepare a landing page and website in an immediate manner. We knew that the upcoming big opening and long-planned marketing campaign excluded any delay in the launch of the website.


A website that matches the quality and image of the entire investment


The very fast timing for implementation does not release us from a professional approach to the project. The beautiful architectural concept of the new version of the historic building deserved an equally great website. So, our goal was to deliver the best possible quality in the shortest possible time, and we knew that we could not afford any deviation from the quality that Flying Bisons always delivers.


Less is more

Unlike the rest of our projects, this one was based on the simplest possible design process. One key factor in success was the experience of Flying Bisons. We limited our interactions with the customer to the acceptance of the visual style and the discussion about the content that was to be found on the site.

Home page - A glance at Elektrownia

A well-designed image page allows the user to get to know the content of the site quickly and clearly shows the nature of the site. On the home page of Elektrownia, we decided to highlight the page
tabs, which are also a signpost through all the “departments” of the centre (Shopping, Restaurants, Beauty Hall, etc.). The references to the architecture of the new Elektrownia and a large number of photographs are an important element of the design of the home page.


Navigation - What is Elektrownia?


The navigation allows you to quickly understand the structure of the website. Its basic function is also to lead the user to the information he is looking for in the least number of steps/clicks. That’s why
we decided to include several items in the main menu, which are the most frequently searched information about the mall:

- Our offer (presents all the “departments” of Elektrownia Powiśle and leads to a list of shops, bars,
- Promotions
- About Elektrownia
- Blog
- Opening hours
- Directions and Contact
- Social media links
- Change of language

Shops, Restaurants, Beauty Hall, Events - the heart of Elektrownia

A subpage that shows the shops, restaurants and all the places we will most likely visit at Elektrownia Powiśle. The most important thing was to develop a coherent design that works for each
category of places. Filters that serve as sub-categories (e.g. Shoes, Food Items, Children) help you navigate quickly and easily. The entire subpage is closed with category descriptions, which are also
helpful in SEO activities.

Sub-pages of individual shops and places

The individual view of each shop, point or restaurant in Elektrownia is one of the most important places on the website from the user’s perspective. In this case, we focused on a simple and
clear solution. After clicking on the place’s logo, a pop-up appears across the entire width of the page with a large photo, a concise description and basic contact information.

Mobile version

Currently, mobile versions of most websites dominate in terms of generated traffic, and this is no different for image and content pages of shopping malls. So, our primary goal was to design a clear
and modern mobile version that allows website users to navigate quickly and easily.

Bars at Elektrownia Powiśle

As part of our work for Elektrownia Powiśle, we also prepared three websites showing bars located in the Food Hall. Kandela, Centrala and Elektryk are an important part of the shopping centre’s strategy of attracting new customers. The pages have been created on one template, but they are distinguished by different visual styles.

As a result of our cooperation, the website www.elektrowniapowisle.com and the websites of three bars
https://centralabar.com/, https://kandelabar.com/, https://elektrykbar.com/ were created in 7 days

Łukasz Kowalski
Łukasz Kowalski
Jan 29, 2021
3 min read

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