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Junior Designer Maciej Owsik on internship at Flying Bisons

Michał Proniewicz
Michał Proniewicz
Feb 11, 2022
3 min read
Junior Designer Maciej Owsik on internship at Flying Bisons

Maciek, how did your adventure with Flying Bisons start? Where did you hear about us?

I first heard about Flying Bisons during Allegro's UX Research Conference. I went there because I was already interested in UX Design. One of the conference's speakers was Klaudia Doerffer, who talked about Flying Bisons Academy and the upcoming course "Introduction to UX Design" during her presentation.

What encouraged you to participate in the course?

I enjoyed Klaudia's speech very much, and I was genuinely impressed with its content. After the conference, I checked out the course and the company. I looked through the project portfolio, and I saw how great you are at what you do. I thought that if this is the quality of your work, then the course will for sure be exciting and I will learn a lot from you.

How do you recall the course "Introduction to UX Design"?

I have only good memories of the course. The first part was mainly theoretical, and the presenters compellingly discussed the theory. I revised what I already knew, but I also learned many new things. I liked the practical part most, though, especially the project at the end of the project. Our final task was given to us as an email from a client, and it was supposed to mirror the real-life work conditions, so we felt like we were doing this project for an actual client.

Did you have any experience in design before, or did you learn it on your own?

I knew what I'd learnt on my own, and I didn't have much to do with design in practice. My knowledge and previous experience mainly were with programming, but I couldn't see myself as a programmer. When I discovered UX, I knew right away that this was it. So even though I participated in the "Introduction to UX Design" course without any knowledge or skills, all I needed was an open mind and willingness to listen.

You are the first intern selected as part of the Flying Bisons Academy internship programme. Did you expect it?

It's hard to say. I was proud of myself after my project presentation. I thought I did pretty well, but I rated four other projects equally high. I was hoping to get it, but at the same time, I felt that even if I won't become an intern, I still did a good job and gained a lot of helpful knowledge. I was so happy to make it!

Tell us how did the internship look like?

The internship lasted three months. I spent the first month in the Research & Strategy Department and the next two in the Design Department. During the day, I would perform various tasks under the supervision of my mentors – Marcelina in Research & Strategy and Karolina in Design. Each day would end with a video call to recap my day and ask questions that came up during working or learning. Thanks to Flying Bisons' internal education materials, I also gained a lot of theoretical knowledge: different courses, articles, lectures, etc. So my day was really an effective combination of theory and practice.

Did this form of internship work for you? What did it give to you?

It worked very well! I was delighted to have spent the first month in the R&S department because the initial phase of design – research and building strategy – also interests me a lot. Knowing the design process from the beginning is crucial to anyone who wants a future in it, so I am glad to have had this opportunity. While the internship mainly focused on design, I could see and participate in the initial stages before design. When I design a project, I never forget about it, and I always keep it in mind.

Was there anything you were missing during the internship?

I wondered a lot about it, but there was nothing. I always had something to do, and when I didn't know what to do next, I could ask someone. I was always in touch with my mentors and other people in the team, which was very helpful. I could always ask if something was unclear to me, and someone would explain it. Suppose I felt overwhelmed by the amount of information or tasks. In that case, I could always ask to slow down without feeling guilty or fearing repercussions.

What was the biggest challenge for you during the internship?

Organising my time during the day while working on several projects simultaneously. Moving from one project to another was a novelty to me. Usually, I would dedicate one day to that particular task when I worked on something. During the internship, I've experienced a more considerable task flow, and I had to switch and learn to better organise my time. It was beneficial because I became more flexible and adjust to changes faster now.

During the internship, I learned a lot of things, not just design itself: optimising work on multiple projects, efficiency, and productivity.

Did the skills you learned on the course come in handy later during your internship?

Of course! I learned how to present and defend my ideas during the course as I presented my final project. I also improved my mock-up skills. The internship also taught me a lot because I worked with actual projects with real clients. I'd say that during the course, I acquired the skills that allowed me to begin the internship, but the learning didn't end there. I learned a lot of new things during this time.

Could you describe the mentorship in Flying Bisons?

First of all, you are constantly in touch with your mentor. If you encounter any problems or difficulties during the day, you can always contact someone who will help you out. You can also get reassurance whether you're doing your job well. You will never feel lonely or lost. As I mentioned, we had daily online meetings during which I was given feedback on my daily work.

We have to admit that the mentoring worked both ways! Every day you presented us with what you learned in a graphic form, and we really enjoyed that!

Thanks! That aspect of the internship was particularly fascinating to me and, what is more, very developing. Condensing information and conclusions from different parts of work is not so easy. I had to gather everything I've learned and design it into a simple and clear message. The team reacted positively to my daily posts, giving me additional feedback. I was thrilled to give back for the knowledge they have given to me daily during the internship.

We all enjoyed your daily posts on Slack very much.

Don't worry! I will still post something but maybe weekly now that I am a Junior.

Tell us: what would you tell future interns to expect during their time at Flying Bisons? What should they prepare for?

They should definitely prepare for a vast amount of fascinating work. The projects are always extraordinary, and you always have to be ready to work. It's not one of those internships where you have to do meaningless tasks. Everything you do here is valuable for the whole team.

How would you describe Flying Bisons as a company? What would you say to our future interns?

The atmosphere here is fantastic. At Flying Bisons, you don't feel pressured, and you're never looked down upon even if there are people with more experience or better skills than you. Everyone respects each other, and you can talk to anyone, so you can always count on getting good advice and feedback. You don't have to be afraid of making mistakes because they leave space for that. The more mistakes you make, the better – you can learn from them.

In a nutshell, I'd describe it this way: at Flying Bisons, we make professional digital products of the highest quality, but we do it in a relaxed, pleasant, and friendly atmosphere. This is fun work you get to do with people you can also talk to.

Michał Proniewicz
Michał Proniewicz
Feb 11, 2022
3 min read

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