Meet Flying Bisons' Development Team

Paweł Sobociński
Paweł Sobociński
Jan 05, 2022
5 min read
Meet Flying Bisons' Development Team

I joined Flying Bisons in 2018. Back then, it was a much smaller company, and the Development team had no more than seven members, including me. I fondly recall these times. Still, I was glad that as we took on more and more projects, each more complex than the one before, the team grew. Now there are over 20 of us! We doubled and then some, and I became the Head of this merry band in 2020, the momentous year for the world, known as the year the pandemic hit. And while the pandemic may have changed how we worked, it didn't strain the relationships within the team. We already got to know each other quite well before. So even now, working either remotely or in a hybrid model, we still try to cultivate what we've built.


And aside from connections, we've also built a lot together! We took on so many challenges and made plenty of apps and websites. One of our most memorable and, let's be honest, most significant projects was Park Of Poland. We managed to meet all of our Client's expectations. We used React, which later became a front-end library we decided to specialise in. But that was not the end of our growth. In 2021, we created a smaller group of React Native Specialists dedicated to making mobile apps within our development team.

Growth and self-development have always been very important to us. That's why we came up with "dev talks". Just like the much more popular TED talks, dev talks are when we get to share the knowledge we've gained from projects and talk about our tech passions. Our Slack channel is full of inspiration and news about tech solutions useful in our work.

People first

You see us as a team of specialists, and that's what we are. But to me, they are also people who inspire my everyday work and help bring truth to the saying that "if you like what you do, then you'll never work a day in your life".

So, without further ado, meet Flying Bisons' Development Team!

Paweł Sobociński – Head of the Department

Over 5 years in Flying Bisons. In charge of four different teams: Front-End, Back-End, Mobile App, and Tester. A huge fan of motorsport in all its forms: as a supporter, player, and driver.

Izabela Przybysz – Lead Operations Manager 

Iza describes herself as an analytical thinker with a creative attitude. She has over 10 years of experience in the digital industry. At Flying Bisons, responsible for streamlining processes in the development team. She cares about creating a friendly work environment.

Privately, a big fan of crime novels and cats. She loves to travel, mainly in Europe. Prefers summer and the sea but can enjoy the "flat" mountains in winter.

Aneta Osińska – IT Project Manager

Aneta has two years of experience working as a tester and one and a half years as a project manager. She runs and co-runs IT projects in our team. Maintains excellent communication with the Clients and organises work for the team. A veterinarian and, as the nature of it demands, a huge dog lover. Incredibly in love with her 2-years old Samoyed pup. Vintage architecture and furniture enthusiast. Enjoys gardening and painting moody landscapes in her free time.

Kamila Pyszkowska – IT Project Manager

Her journey as a PM started 2 years ago in a digital agency when she discovered her mission for managing web development projects. Kamila is a History graduate with a passion for fashion history.

Dawid Olesiński – IT Project Manager

Dawid joined Flying Bisons in April of 2022 as an IT Project Manager. In IT, he's like a kid in a candy store—he loves to experiment with new things. He made a portfolio website using React, microservices using Java Spring, and stock quotes API using AWS Lambda. And to lower his IT-induced sugar intake, he likes to run and ride a bicycle in his free time.

Marek Kava – Back-End Team Leader

Self-taught programmer. Growth-oriented. At Flying Bisons, he's responsible for a team of back-end developers. Focuses on optimising and developing current projects as well as designing new solutions. Likes having a good time with his friends. Interested in film news and sports events. Enjoys exploring new local places.

Łukasz Dembicki – Senior Back-End Developer

PHP developer with over 5 years of experience. Graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the Gdańsk University of Technology. At Flying Bisons, he's currently working on Park of Poland, implementing new functionalities into the system. He enjoys going to the gym, riding a bicycle, and playing the piano.

Piotr Jaworski – Back-end Developer

Piotrek has over 10 years of experience developing web shops and broadly defined e-commerce. He always dives deep to understand the roots of the problem needed to be solved. Hobbyist freshwater aquarist, lover of board and paper role-playing games.

Dawid Adamczyk – Junior Back-end Developer

Finished studies in Electronics and Telecommunication with a specialisation in Data Communication Systems and Networks. Also worked as a Junior PHP developer in Furgonetka. Now, happily committed to Flying Bisons for over a year as a Back-end Developer, where he takes care of all kinds of projects, no matter their size. Interested in science and technology. Spends his free time following abstract notions and training at the gym.

Łukasz Tarkowski – Junior Back-End Developer

IT student at WSB Universities. A Bison for over 6 months now. PHP specialist. In love with fantasy and everything that comes in its shape: books, TV series, movies, or games. Traveller. Plays the acoustic guitar.

Martyna Tołoczko – Front-End Team Leader

Bachelor in Finance and International Investment (University of Warsaw) and Master of Software and Database Engineering (PJATK). Five years ago, she abandoned her would-be financial career in favour of fulfilling herself as a full-time front-end developer. Proud to be a Bison since 2019. Interested in scientific curiosities and the Chinese economy. She enjoys painting, board games, documentary movies, bike trips, and travelling in her free time. Meme connoisseur.

Leszek Cybulski – Senior Front-End Developer

Graduate of the Warsaw School of Computer Science. Front-end Developer at Flying Bisons since 2018. Loves listening to film music. In his free time, he discovers the secrets of 3D graphics in Blender 3D.

Przemek Rogala – Senior Front-End Web Developer

IT and Econometrics Graduate from Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. Ten years of experience in web development. Specialises in react.js. His free time means a break from the computer, and now it means model-making. For the past year, he's been trying to make a home office work with his own "home kindergarten".

Adam Jaroszewicz – Front-End Developer

Front-end Developer with 11 years of experience. Specific and attentive to details. Enjoys wandering around abandoned places and capturing them in his photographs. Shares his photos as (at) Kierownik Kuli ziemskiej. Loves travelling and hiking. Other than that, biggest Netflix and chill fan.

Andrzej Sotnikov – Junior Front-End Developer

Came to Poland from Ukraine. Started with marketing but development stole his heart. Interested in graphic design and UX. Loves photography and likes to tie all his hobbies to front-end development if he can. In his free time, he works out and enjoys bicycle rides. Wouldn't say no to art exhibitions, ballet shows or concerts.

Maciej Rapacki – Junior Front-end Developer

Maciek has always been interested in computers and technology. After years of treating programming as a hobby, he decided to become a Front-end developer. In his free time, he does programming and sports. Loves football - an Arsenal fan. Maciek used to play football professionally and then became a coach for kids' football teams. Graduate of Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport.

Kajetan August – Junior Front-End Developer

Photographer (Photography School in Cracow Arts School). Software tester at Flying Bisons. Tests anything the rest of the Development team prepared. Every now and then, also supervises Junior Software Tester and writes automatic tests. Very active. Loves all kinds of sports: mountain running, bicycling, cross-country skiing, ski touring. In his free time, he helps his dog learn some tricks.

Andrzej Kaczmarek – Junior React Native Developer

IT Engineer from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. Java Script programmer. Andrzej creates and develops mobile apps within JavaScript technology and does his car detailing in his free time. Enjoys playing games as well as programming his own apps. Motorisation enthusiast. Loves listening to rap. Does skiing in winter but switches to bicycle for the summer

Wiktor Kapłan – Junior React Native Developer

Final-year IT student. He has been interested in new technologies since his school years. Worked as a front-end developer in React and React Native over the last year. Enjoys spending his free time actively. Trained handball for many years: back then, professionally, now as a hobby and in university competitions. Always ready to join his friend on small and big travels.

Bartosz Boczek – Software Tester

PHP Programmer. Used to be a network and security tester, and now he's a Quality Assurance tester for Flying Bisons. Loves to run, swim and ride a bicycle. Reads books that make him think and question what he knew before. Bartek enjoys meeting interesting people.

Andrzej Kava – Junior Software Tester

Majoring in International Relations at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Chose Flying Bisons for his IT beginnings. Junior Tester. Loves sports, especially badminton, racing, and sailing.

Let's stay in touch!

Paweł Sobociński

Now that you know us a little bit, hit us up anytime. We're happy to answer any questions!

Talk to you soon!


Paweł Sobociński
Paweł Sobociński
Jan 05, 2022
5 min read

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