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Preparation of the new version of the website for the international expansion of the company Omnipack

Łukasz Kowalski
Łukasz Kowalski
Jan 29, 2021
4 min read
Preparation of the new version of the website for the international expansion of the company Omnipack

Omnipack is the leader of fulfilment services for the e-commerce industry in Europe, i.e. full logistics services for online stores (storage, packaging, shipping, handling returns and complaints). As a result of the combination of the highest quality of operations and its own technology, Omnipack offers Amazon class logistics – a stable, flexible and dedicated service that is available regardless of the scale of the business and without the need for investment. Omnipack is a definite leader in Poland and at the forefront in Europe when it comes to fulfilment service.

The project that Flying Bisons acquired by tender, assumed three areas of cooperation: brand lifting, redesign of Omnipack’s existing website and its development together with the CMS system. The design process proposed by us and a sample of the Bison design caused Omnipack to decide to hand the project over to us.

Designing and building a modern website for a few European markets with a conversion focus (lead generation)


Building a good-looking image page that at the same time converts is always a challenge. When such a website is an additional key to the growth of the company in foreign markets, the challenge becomes even greater. The process of creating the website was prepared to minimize the risk. 


Multiple objectives 


During the research and strategy phase, we managed to develop objectives related to the construction of a new website. The most important included: the generation of leads, the creation of Omnipack’s credibility on Polish and European markets, the technical reliability of the website, high position in search engines for relevant keywords, clear presentation of the issue of “e-commerce fulfilment”.

How was the new Omnipack website created?

The process of creating a new website was largely based on the compact phase of research & strategy. Within 2 weeks, we managed to conduct a series of workshops and meetings with Omnipack customers, which were the basis for further design decisions. 

New, great looking and working website with CMS - https://omnipack.io/

Our team successfully prepared a new site for Omnipack, which has been very well received by customers and appreciated in the community. 


Tender - process approach and our design

We believe that a personalized design process is the key factor in the success of each design process that allows us to adapt to the client’s situation and address the critical, most important elements of the project [link to the blog]. At the tender stage, we proposed a compact research & strategy phase, which is described in the next section. In 12 hours, we also prepared a sample of our subjective approach to the design of the homepage - this is not something we do every day, but Omnipack as one of the fastest-growing Polish start-ups was worth it. 


Compact research & strategy phase

Due to Omnipack’s strategic plans and the forthcoming entry on the German market, we had to design a fast and effective research & strategy phase. During this phase, we wanted first to understand the main problems of the previous version of the website, understand the business objectives and the expectations of the Omnipack team. We started with a kickoff meeting with the following agenda:

  • Discuss Omnipack’s design goals and expectations
  • Discuss the project KPIs
  • Collect feedback for the first concept of a new website
  • Transfer of access to GA
  • Discuss the plan for the Discovery phase 
  • Lead the Omnipack team through the method of conducting qualitative research
  • Establish a plan for qualitative research

Further steps in the process were a mini-audit of the previous website and implementation of Google Analytics as well as an analysis of quantitative data. After that, it was time to analyse the company’s communication strategy, for which we used the websites of competitors and Omnipack’s counterparts on foreign markets, and to prepare benchmarks. Based on the previous steps and feedback to our tender project, we were able to perform preliminary mood boarding, which will be used for tests during research with the client’s stakeholders. After the moodboarding, we began talking about SEO and keywords as well as meetings with Customer Care, which provided us with basic information about customer issues and questions. These included the following remarks: the site is too slow, its layout is very archaic and lacking in modernity, lack of focus on acquiring leads, lack of proper exposition of Omnipack’s advantages and strengths, lack of order, excess of logos, etc. 

Armed with this knowledge, we were able to proceed to the stage of discussions with Omnipack employees and customers. We presented to them the moodboards and the first concept of the new Omnipack website. On the basis of the feedback, we and stakeholders were able to make strategic decisions on the direction of further design work. The final stage of the research & strategy phase was to develop the lo-fi concepts of the main sub-pages of the new website and present the concept of site navigation. We finished the whole thing with a large strategic workshop, which allowed us to move on to the design phase with a strong conviction that we have the foundations for a great side. 


Brand Lifting and new colours

Brand lifting was a necessary step to emphasize Omnipack’s entry to a new level in the context of services and new markets. Over the years, the existing brand ceased presenting the values ​​associated with Omnipack services: innovation, international potential and user-orientation.

Thanks to the renewal of the logotype and colours, we found a golden mean based on preserving the company’s DNA but presenting it in a slightly more modern way.


Architecture, Sitemap and mockups 


Thanks to the very well-conducted research & strategy phase, preparing the information architecture and website sitemap did not pose a greater challenge for our team. After accepting these elements, we were able to prepare the final version of the website navigation and a document describing all the required screens and their statuses. The next step was to prepare all the mockups. 


Homepage - best business card of the company 

Our main focus on the home page was to introduce Omnipack as a market leader who, as a reliable and effective partner, allows e-commerce businesses to scale internationally. We wanted potential customers visiting the new Omnipack website to see as soon as possible how much they can gain by working with a company that serves many of its industry leaders. The purpose of this strategy was to clearly highlight and display on the home page the main features of Omnipack and vital information related to the company’s operations. 


E-commerce fulfilment - the core of Omnipack’s business

The subpage “E-commerce Fulfilment” is the main element of the new website after the homepage. This is where customers come to fully understand the benefits of cooperation with Omnipack based on a proprietary process and dedicated services. The architecture of this subpage first of all assumes presenting the full process in which Omnipack works. For this, we used videos showing each stage of the process step by step. In the further part of the subpage, we show in a very graphic way the possibilities of Omnipack warehouses and list further benefits of using this and not another fulfilment process. 


Preparation of the visual style and UI version

The final design of all the screens on the new Omnipack website was the end of the entire design process. Based on the prepared mockups and the new image of the company in the visual aspect (brand lifting), our designers prepared over 80 unique screens, both for stationary and mobile devices.

During the User Interface process, we had several iterations to fine-tune the smallest details as well as to realize the potential created by the new branding. We applied small accents using these possibilities through, e.g. highlights, background elements or colour combinations.

The final element of the User Interface phase was the preparation of a design system for developers to easily and efficiently implement our projects.


Mobile version


Currently, mobile versions of most websites dominate in terms of generated traffic, and it is no different for image pages focused on collecting leads. So, our primary goal was to design a clear and modern mobile version that allows website users to navigate quickly and easily. In particular, we wanted users to be able to easily consume a large amount of content that was included on the site – the legibility of texts, appropriate distances between elements and well-selected colours.

As a result of our cooperation, we created the https://omnipack.io/ website within 3 months

Łukasz Kowalski
Łukasz Kowalski
Jan 29, 2021
4 min read

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